The Truesilk Collection

Heather Wenman
Nicole Baranowski
Kay Habib

the softest, most luxurious silk

In collaboration with Hairstrong, Skilled Accents, and a world renowned, hair stylist, Heather Wenman, we've curated the softest, most luxurious silk scrunchies and pillowcases for your hair and skin needs all within London, Ontario.

function, sustainability, and quality

Each piece of the collection was carefully designed with function, sustainability, and quality at the forefront. Each piece is made with the finest silk.

(100% Grade 6A 19mm Mulberry Silk with OEKO-TEX® standard 100*).

*The standard 100 label means that the fabric we are using has been tested for harmful substances and it is harmless to human health.

The People Behind the Silk

About Heather

Heather Wenman

founder of

With more than four decades in the industry I’ve seen the great advantage of taking care of hair and skin for youthfulness. After meeting Nicole of Hairstrong at National fitness show with her amazing lock-in system I knew I wanted to co-create and brand

a healthy styling tool for hair. Both of our love of community and wellness makes this so rewarding.

I’ve watched Skilled Accents support London’s community through helping women to learn and purposefully work to be better and self sufficient led by my friend Kay Habib. With open arms her organization was able to partner together and provide a professional team to customize the best quality silk pillowcases, locally and responsibly.

Nicole Baranowski

founder of

Nicole started Hairstrong when she realized that her hair was not the problem when mass-produced, one-size-fits-all products didn’t work for her. “Growing up with long, thick hair, I always thought that the maintenance and management was a consequence of choosing to have long hair. I actually dreaded using any hair accessories because I always felt inadequate.”

Hairstrong was born to give the control back to you. One size isn’t enough for all the different hair types, textures, lengths, and hairstyles out there. Hairstrong is known for their secure but not tight scrunchies that can be adjusted to fit you. Hairstrong has collaborated with Heather to bring an adjustable solution with silk so that you can have a gentle hold for sleep or casual wear for your hair.


About Nicole


About Kay

Kay Habib

founder of

Skilled Accents is a social enterprise founded by Kay Habib, a designer and home stager who believes in making a difference in the community. Our vision is to reduce unemployment in local marginalized communities while also reducing fabric waste. We employ refugee women and immigrants located in London Ontario to create unique décor products from recycled fabric collected from local furniture and drapery stores. The silk pillows are a special product that is being created with extra care at our production facility keeping in mind the cleanliness and finesse needed to work with this fine fabric.

We believe in having a triple bottom line for our business; People, Planet and Purpose.

Benefits of silk

Luxurious fabric

Smooth, soft, and lustrous texture.


Strong and durable fabric that lasts.

Temperature Regulating

Breathable and moisture wicking.


Made from 100% natural fibres.

Healthy Hair and Skin

Doesn’t tug or grab at your hair.

Anti-Aging Properties

Doesn’t absorb moisture from your skin or hair.

Hypoallergenic and Anti-Bacterial

No skin irritations.